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Homosexual Marriage II - GBNLIVE

Posted by Aaron Cozort

Homosexual Marriage II
Last week’s program on the nationwide legalization of homosexual “marriage” generated many more questions from our viewers than we could possibly cover during the program.  To help answer these questions, we will be continuing the subject in this week’s program.   
Many arguments have been made by proponents of homosexual “marriage” since the recent ruling by the Supreme Court.  We’ll try to address the arguments made by homosexual activists to attempt to justify this ruling and compare them to the teaching of the Bible.
The panel this week will be Dan Cates and Billy Bland joining Mike Hixson.
Our phone number is 662-874-5508. If you prefer to email your questions, you can email us at gbnlive@gbntv.org. The program can be viewed live at: www.gbntv.org/live.
Last week’s episode, Homosexual Marriage Nationwide is available on our website to be viewed on-demand.