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The State of the Union (GBNLIVE)

Posted by Aaron Cozort

In 1948, the Supreme Court ruled that time set aside for prayer in public schools was unconstitutional.  In 1963, they banned Bible reading in public schools.  In 1980, the posting of the Ten Commandments was banned from classrooms.  It has taken over half of a century, but God has been effectively removed from our schools.
How has our country done since these events occurred?  Is there any connection between the removal of God and the violence that is now being committed by young people in America?  What can be done to lead our country back into paths of righteousness?  Is it already too late?
Join us as Matt Jones and Mark Teske join Mike Hixson in answering your questions.  Call in during the program at 662-874-5508, or email your questions beforehand to gbnlive@gbntv.org.

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