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Glenn Colley - To The Elders:


Glenn Colley Image As a fellow-elder in the church I can tell you that a large percentage of the letters we receive addressed to the elders have to do with needs for money, and we simply can’t financially support all who ask. But from the beginning we’ve supported GBN. Before Barry died I would hear him muse about the potential numbers of people being taught-- “How can preaching to so few ever compare to preaching to so many! On GBN we’re reaching masses of people. It’s a great opportunity, and we’ve got to do this.” He was excited and right.

Elders, as you make decisions about spending the Lord’s money, I want to suggest something that you can feel completely good about. Dollars sent to put GBN on the air are respected and carefully used for the purpose they were intended: Taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the people. Families can do this too. Dads ought to make a family project out of this work--sending donations and letters, watching the wide variety of programing, and even visit the beautiful GBN studios. Imagine your children’s eyes as they see the very GBN set they’ve been watching on TV and see how programs are actually made.

I’ve recently been invited to serve on the GBN management staff , and I’m honored to take a part in this work (volunteer!) because I believe in it. I want to ask you to believe in it too. GBN has come a long way, and the future is so very bright; but the necessary expenses can’t be paid by good will alone, and further, we won’t solicit funds from unbelievers. This is a work of the Christians. I am confident the Lord is pleased with taking the Gospel to the world via GBN. Won’t you be a part of this?




Raised HandsThis past week, I attended a lectureship where I heard several comments from attendees about comments that they had heard from others about the lack of requests for money in the programming on GBN. Non-Christian viewers notice the difference to what they normally experience on religious television and quickly conclude that we’re very different from other religious groups. We’re thankful for this difference and God is glorified because of it.

However, the only way that we’re able to keep GBN running is by the gracious and generous donations from members of the Lord’s church. We’re still working towards our goal of a core group of 7,000 Christians who would commit to donating $25 each month to meet the basic operating needs of the network. Please prayerfully consider becoming one of the 7,000 Christians that keep GBN broadcasting to the world.

~ Mark Teske


2011 Financial Highlights


  1. Contributions were down 13.6% from 2010 and down 21% from 2009.
  2. Interest expense was down by $32,950 due to restructuring our loan and aggressively paying on the principal.
  3. Misc. facilities expenses were down by 11%, which included a 10% increase in rent.
  4. General office expenses were down by 15%.
  5. General production expenses were down by 90%.
  6. Promotional expenses were down by 48%.
  7. Travel expenses were down by 51%.
  8. Payroll expenses were down by 32%.
  9. By operating on a “bare bones” budget, we were able to reduce our long term debt by 57%.
  10. We added several new programs to our Fall 2011 network schedule.
  11. In addition to 18 cable channels, we were able to add a 30-minute program on Dish/DirecTV and on one commercial channel.
  12. Through advanced, low cost technology, we developed a GBN channel on Roku, along with iPhone, iPad, and Android apps. This gave us network coverage to several hundred million lost souls all over the world.
  13. We will continue to be good stewards of our Lord’s money as we have opportunity.
  14. We are so thankful for your continued prayers and financial support as we begin another year of broadcasting the gospel of Christ to the whole world.
  15. To God be all the glory!

Please note: Financial reports are
available upon request.


Now Anyone Can Have GBN At Home 24/7!

(GBN on Roku (pronounced “roh koo”)

Now you can have the Gospel Broadcasting Network live 24/7 on your home television. All you need is high speed internet and a Roku box. Boxes can be purchased from www.roku.com/roku-products.

Once you get your Roku box installed, go into the Roku channel store, find the GBN channel, and add it. It will then be available to watch. You will have your choice of the GBN live stream or VOD (video on demand) archive. We will be adding to the VOD section over time.

Does the GBN channel cost? No. We are trying to reach people with the gospel. Our Roku channel, like everything else on GBN, is supported by free offerings of members of the church of Christ.

How do I set up my Roku player? Setting up a Roku player is simple. Every Roku player comes with a Getting Started guide that walks you through every step. “Getting Started” guides for various models are available at the GBN web site, http://www.gbntv.org/roku.aspx.

Can I find Roku in a local retail store? Currently, new Roku players are sold directly at Roku.com, as well as in major retailers, like Walmart, Best Buy, Radio Shack, Fry’s and B. J.’s.
The new GBN iPhone app and the GBN Android app are up and running. You can now watch GBN live for free on your iPhone. Help us spread the word!


In Honor & Memory Of

Van Doyne Coleman,
by Donna Coleman Harris, daughter


Virginia Carr,
by the adult bible class
at Highland Heights Church of Christ

Victor Godfrey,
by Mary Lou Stoker

Robert E. Vaughter,
by Carol Vaughter

Joan W. Fowler,
by Deborah J. Fowler

Bertha Adkisson and Mrs. Anne Frey,
by Hollis & Nancy Tackitt

Pittman Sisco,
by Shirley S. Vaughn


Dennis Ethridge
and Arthur Richardson,
by Edgar & Barbara Beard

Joe & Dorothy Parker,
by Sam & Janie Parker

Alvin F. Parker,
by Irene M. Parker

Mrs. Maudie Tuggle,
by Martin & Kathryn Anderson

Martha Flowers,
by Pete & Wanda Nations

Jim Bryan,
by Gladys Liles

Edna Warren,
by John Ed & Jo Frazier

Rita Raper,
by Jordan & Nelda Linscomb


Sue Lunn and Lois Ann Farmer,
by Paul & Susan Haley
and Sara Beth

Carolyn Dingus Brown,
by Tush Metcalf

Ernest Hendricks,
by Floyd & Damaris Byers
and Sally Ruth Watson

Nelson Grissom,
by Richard, Ann & Lois Walker

Elby “Junior” Holley, Jr.;
Danny Galey
and J.T. & Doris Beard,
by Edgar & Barbara Beard

Lewis Crowder,
by Theresa Crowder, wife

Allen Wolfe,
by Jimmy & Flora Kilgore

Pearl Guston,
by Cliff & Betty Stewart

Freddie Allen Hobbs,
by Mrs. Freddie A. Hobbs

Granville W. McMahon,
by John Paul & Mary Davis,

Sherry Davis Hallum, Ryan & Jill
Mullican, and John Davis
L.B. & Eura Williams,
by Cecil Hogan

Brother Jerry Jenkins,
by Jean Dickerson

Mary Allgood,
by Gladys, Linda & Cliff Liles

Don Rhoades and Harlon Fowler,
by Doris Rhoades

Anna Massie,
by Trish & Dianne Massie

Earl & Neil Britton,
by Charles & Ginny Cochran

Dwayne Key, Sr. & Dwayne Key, Jr.,
by Leonard & Amelia Key

Grayson O. Gilbert,
by Mrs. Grace B. Gilbert

Charlie Brown, grandfather of
Walker Morris,
by South Pittsburg Church of Christ
Flower Fund

Ella Mae Minnear,
by Peggy E. Cooper

Mabel Franklin,
by the GBN staff members

Sonya Welch and Sheila James,
by Edgar & Barbara Beard
Jack & Jeanette Strickland,
by George & Margaret Walker
Gary Henry, by Kathy Brewer
The Iuka Church of Christ elders,
by Richard Luttman
Jeanie & Frank Sullivan and
Esther & Rex Jones,
by Ruth Dukes
James Watkins,
by Walter & Mary Ann Bishop
Tracy Battle,
by Dawn H. Marshall
Mary Alice Lokey,
“a dedicated Christian woman”,
by husband Ronnie Lokey
Jimmy & Margie Young,
by Earl & Janice Gunn
Bill Miller, Jr.,
by Searcy & Peggy McGowen
Buddy Martin, “Get Well Wishes”,
by Eunice Rayburn
Jerry & Kay Waskom,
by George & Margaret Walker
Terry Mabery,
by Ryan T. Weaver
Joe & Dorothy Parker and Derril King,
by Sam & Janie Parker
Lois Ethridge and Gladys Richardson,
by Edgar & Barbara Beard
Lois Holmes,
by John & Patsy Holden
James Watkins,
by W. Bruce
James & Foye Watkins,
by Marie Echols


Staff & Contact Info:


Phone toll-free: 866-525-4677

E-mail: info@gbntv.org

Web site: www.gbntv.org

Please send correspondence to:
Gospel Broadcasting Network, Inc.
3969 Cloud Springs Road
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The GBN building is located west of I-75
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GBN is a 501(c)(3)
Non-profit organization.

Overseeing Eldership:


 GBN is overseen by the elders of the
Southaven Church of Christ
Larry Everson • Con Lambert
Vern Schrimsher
1483 Brookhaven Drive
Southaven, MS 38671-3748