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Raised HandsRecently I attended a lectureship where I heard several comments from attendees about comments that they had heard from others about the lack of requests for money in the programming on GBN. Non-Christian viewers notice the difference to what they normally experience on religious television and quickly conclude that we’re very different from other religious groups. We’re thankful for this difference and God is glorified because of it.

However, the only way that we’re able to keep GBN running is by the gracious and generous donations from members of the Lord’s church. We’re still working towards our goal of a core group of 7,000 Christians who would commit to donating $25 each month to meet the basic operating needs of the network. Please prayerfully consider becoming one of the 7,000 Christians that keep GBN broadcasting to the world.

~ Mark Teske




Webster defines stewardship as the act of managing another’s property, finances, or other affairs. As Christians, we recognize that we own nothing, but we are only stewards. God is the real owner for He is the creator of the heavens and the earth. “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with Whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning” (James 1:7). The early Christians recognized this: “Neither said any of them that ought of the things which he possessed was his own” (Acts 4:32). God’s title to the whole universe and everything in it is clearly established in the Bible (Gen. 1:1, Psalms 24:1, I Cor. 6:19-20).

Likewise, the management team at GBN recognizes that your generous gifts of money are acts of good stewardship on your part. We are also reminded that we are entrusted with these funds to spread the gospel of Christ to the whole world (Matt. 28:19-20). We have been charged by our overseeing eldership to use all funds as wisely as we possibly can, and to “stretch” every dollar so we can reach as many lost souls as possible with the gospel.

We are a provider of the gospel through the mass medium of television, and now through the internet, iPhones and Androids.

The best and most cost effective methods are changing every day. What was cost prohibitive when the network began is now possible due to lower cost, technological advances. Who could have imagined seven years ago that we would have our own Roku channel and be able to broadcast live on televisions all over the world to hundreds of millions of households? Who could have predicted that our programming would be available on many more cable stations via C-Band transmission at one-half the cost of KU transmission? Technology will continue to change, and we need to be on the cutting edge.

The GBN team also works diligently to be cost effective in our daily operations. As noted in recent financial updates, we have trimmed staffing costs, and cut operating expenses in almost all other areas. We have done this while producing several new programs and steadily increasing our viewership. With the extreme “startup” costs of the network, we accumulated some debt which we plan to retire before the end of this year. God has so richly blessed the network which our dear (now deceased) brother Barry Gilreath, Sr. founded. Challenges, both financial and otherwise, are a reminder that Satan is always with us trying to discourage any good work to spread the gospel. We believe that as long as we produce sound programming and apply the principles of good stewardship found in the Bible, that GBN will indeed be able to reach the whole world with the gospel.

May God bless you. Ralph Upton—Director of Personnel and Finance

Please note: Financial reports are
available upon request.


Now Anyone Can Have GBN At Home 24/7!

Roku Device(GBN on Roku (pronounced “roh koo”)

Now you can have the Gospel Broadcasting Network live 24/7 on your home television. All you need is high speed internet and a Roku box. Boxes can be purchased from www.roku.com/roku-products.

Once you get your Roku box installed, go into the Roku channel store, find the GBN channel, and add it. It will then be available to watch. You will have your choice of the GBN live stream or VOD (video on demand) archive. We will be adding to the VOD section over time.

Does the GBN channel cost? No. We are trying to reach people with the gospel. Our Roku channel, like everything else on GBN, is supported by free offerings of members of the church of Christ.

How do I set up my Roku player? Setting up a Roku player is simple. Every Roku player comes with a Getting Started guide that walks you through every step. “Getting Started” guides for various models are available at the GBN web site, http://www.gbntv.org/roku.aspx.

Can I find Roku in a local retail store? Currently, new Roku players are sold directly at Roku.com, as well as in major retailers, like Walmart, Best Buy, Radio Shack, Fry’s and B. J.’s.
The new GBN iPhone app and the GBN Android app are up and running. You can now watch GBN live for free on your iPhone. Help us spread the word!


In Honor & Memory Of

Brodie R. Plyler,
by Betty Plyer

June Sanders,
by Benny Sanders

Love C. Jones, III,
by Howard & Kathy Burnette

Nelson Grissom, Sally Ruth Brown, Granville
W. McMahan and Ethel Young
by Walter & Mary

Ann Bishop, Ranse Anderson, Dot Taylor,
Eno Henesse and Mary Betty Christian
by Richard, Ann & Lois Walker

Modena Spivey
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Bob & Verna Burney
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Paul Walden
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Mary Ellen Whitaker and James G. Nation
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Mrs. Lorene Morris, Mrs. Samuel F. Roberts
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Gladys Lewey and Jack Stephenson
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Jean Crouch and Thelma Weeks
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Mabel Franklin
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Wednesday Bible Class
Grayson O. Gilbert
by Mrs. Grace B. Gilbert

Vernell Buck, by Katherine & James Evans
and Doris & Jim Gary, and Bill, Carolyn,
Andrea & Claire Snider Ruth Jordan Reagan
by Jerry & Marilyn Nash

Bill White, Lonnie Lockert, Herman Riemke,
Lois Stiles, Ralph Clevenger, John Burdine,
Joyce Cole, Stan Koby and Vi Koby
by Mr. & Mrs. Paul Phillips

Frances Wheaton & Mabel Franklin
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by Phyllis Reynolds

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by Glen Mayfield

Stephen Mauldin
by Pat & Marti Patchell

Frank Matherly,
by the Grundy Street Church of Christ Ladies

Bible Class
Jim Bragg and Larry Baker
by Edgar & Barbara Beard

Mr. & Mrs. Willard Chambers,
Mr. Claude Earl Chambers,
D.L. & Becky Tilotta,
Mr. & Mrs. James & Juanita Moore,
Jenna McMasters, Mr. Claude Dunn,
Mr. & Mrs. Don & Peggy Scott,
Mr. Robert Cecil Mayo, Jr.,
son Bo Mayo,
and mother Ms. Marie Mayo,
J.C. Muncy,
Mr. John W. Cormier,
Ms. Quanda Sue Bollack,
Mr. Arlen Dewayne Baker,
Mr. Bobby L. Dixon,
Mrs. Bill “Nita” Wilburn,
Mr. & Mrs. Jimmy Dee Little,
Mr. & Mrs. Claude Griffin,
and Mrs. John “Keitha” Cagle,
by Perry & Charlene O’Dell

Eno Hennessee, Mary Betty Christian, Melba
Young and Janette Murphree
by Walter & Mary Ann Bishop

Jodie Turner
by Sammy & Peggy Cooper

Nadine Wright
by Mr. & Mrs. Denver Horton

Tom Foster
by the Mauldin, SC Church of Christ

Agnes Brown and Barry Gilreath, Jr.
by June Gannaway

James Watkins
by Charles A. Jones

Mark Teske
by Sam Bulle

Jim & Janis Dearman
by Jack & Elmyra Eaton

Christ our Lord
by Kathy Brewer

James & Foye Watkins
by Marie Echols

James Watkins
by W. Bruce

Lois Holmes
by Patsy & John Holden

Lillian Smith (91 years old)
and Marie Pratt (90 years old)
by the Grundy Street Church of
Christ Ladies’ Bible Class Marshall
& Clara Vann, Shirley Redmond,
Hardy Osborne and Freeland &
Barbara Rayburn



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