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April 2012 - Newsletter

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GBN New Building —We Need Your Help!


Don Blackwell - GBN Executive Director Last year we announced the exciting news that the Southaven Church of Christ in Southaven, MS had assumed the oversight of the Gospel Broadcasting Network and that we would be relocating to the Memphis area. Our plans at that time were to build a building next door to the Memphis School of Preaching. That building was going to serve as our new offices as well as a facility in which to train the preaching students to do broadcasting. We had a rough draft blueprint drawn up, and were given a cost estimate of 2.1 million dollars.

Building Fund ThermostatThe struggling economy may be a great blessing for us as we have found that there are many pre-existing buildings that can be purchased at a fraction of the cost. Since it is our goal to be the best stewards possible of the Lord’s money, it made sense to pursue this route. We have found a building that is extremely well suited for our needs for $389,000. It is a brick building of approximately 8,000 square feet. It is 7 miles (11 minutes) from the Memphis School. It is located at 8900 Germantown Road in Olive Branch, MS. We are currently trying to buy this building. We have estimated that there will be approximately $100,000 of work that will need to be done to get the studio ready for filming, but still the total cost ($489,000) it is less than a fourth of the cost of the previous plan. The Southaven eldership has stated that they believe that as we seek to practice good stewardship, this option has to be taken over our previous plan of building a new facility. For the last several years we have been paying approximately $7000 a month in rent in the Chattanooga area. This rent payment will go away when we exit our present facility and move to the new one, and that money will go to furthering our efforts to preach the gospel.

New GBN BuildingBrethren, we need your help! Can you make a contribution toward the new building? Presently, we have received approximately $15,000 in funds to get us started. That leaves us with a goal of $474,000 to raise. If we could find 474 Christians and/or congregations who each would donate $1000 a piece we would own this building! If you want to contribute you can use the contribution envelope in this newsletter.

Please mark your check as “building fund.” If you don’t have a preaddressed GBN envelope, please mail your contribution to:
3969 Cloud Springs Road
Ringgold, GA, 30736.

You can also make an electronic contribution on our contributions page. Thanks in advance for your help!

Don Blackwell
Executive Director, Gospel Broadcasting Network




WK&T TeleComGBN is pleased to announce that the network has been added to the channel lineup (channel 46) on West Kentucky and Tennessee Telecommunications, known as “WK&T” in Northwest Tennessee and Southwestern Kentucky.

WK&T operates in a 10-county area that includes the cities of Benton, Murray, and Mayfi eld in Kentucky and Dyersburg, Humboldt, Paris, Dresden and Union City in Tennessee. WK&T’s recent eff orts to bring state-of-the- art service to the area should help GBN penetrate into more homes as their service attracts new
customers in the future.

If you live in the service area, be sure to watch GBN and let others  know about the network. Inviting people to watch the network is an easy way to evangelize the lost and encourage the brethren. The addition of WK&T reflects GBN’s continued efforts to expand its cable coverage into additional
areas of the country. You can be a part of this expansion by contacting your local cable system and expressing your interest in GBN. Please pray for our eff orts to reach the lost through the addition of cable systems as we continue our efforts to expand.

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Since many congregations base their budgets on four-week months, when a month has five Sundays they have a bit of a surplus.  How willl you use it? Would your congregation consider supporting the work of GBN with all (or a portion) of your fifth Sunday contribution? Help us send the gospel to hundreds of millions!





Raised HandsRecently I attended a lectureship where I heard several comments from attendees about comments that they had heard from others about the lack of requests for money in the programming on GBN. Non-Christian viewers notice the difference to what they normally experience on religious television and quickly conclude that we’re very different from other religious groups. We’re thankful for this difference and God is glorified because of it.

However, the only way that we’re able to keep GBN running is by the gracious and generous donations from members of the Lord’s church. We’re still working towards our goal of a core group of 7,000 Christians who would commit to donating $25 each month to meet the basic operating needs of the network. Please prayerfully consider becoming one of the 7,000 Christians that keep GBN broadcasting to the world.

~ Mark Teske


Want to make a donation or become part of the 7,000?


Here is one of the easiest ways.  Click on the image on the right and it will open a PDF.  Print that PDF, fill it out, and mail it to:

3969 Cloud Springs Road
Ringgold, GA, 30736.

Or you can contribute through our online portal (We ask that only members of the churches of Christ contribute).



in memory of, in honor of

Charlotte Todd,
by Maxine Searels

Alfred Williams,
by South Pittsburg
Church of Christ

Ruby Sutton,
by Hollis & Nancy Tackitt

David Caylor,
by Charles & Susan Rose

Raymond Sliger,
James Turner, and
Geraldine Bouldin,
by Walter & Mary Ann

Donna Hackney,
by Don & Thelma Kittle

Grayson O. Gilbert,
by Mrs. Grace B. Gilbert

Troy Street,
by the Church of Christ in the Glade;
Buford & Rita Street,
Jim & Ronda DePriest;
Mike, Stacey, &
Heather Hall;
Shawn, Amber, &
Lucas Hall

Louise McCallum,
by the Geneva M. Hobbs Family
Hallis Northcutt,
by Myrtle Northcutt

Edith Campbell,
by Randall & Shirley

Barry Gilreath, Sr.,
by Judy Gilreath
and children

R.C. Oliver,
by Robert & Carolyn Smith

Lee Rose,
by the Church of Christ at Noah

James T. & Fay Brumley,
by Billy Roy & Deborah Box

Etta Mae Lowery,
by Betty Medley; Robert &
Sandi Rogers

Kenneth Arnold,
Madge Sims,
and Hsu Jet-Ching,
by the Soddy Church of Christ

Harry Gass,
by the East Ridge
Wednesday Bible Class

James Watkins,
by Charles A. Jones

Haley, Hunter, Robert, &
Ryder Lynch;
Jesse & Jared Jones,
by Barbara Weatherspoon

“The LORD taketh
pleasure in them that
fear him, in those that
hope in his mercy.”
—Psalm 147:11




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