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May 2012 - Newsletter

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Erina & EricaFund raising has begun for our new building in Olive Branch, MS. Last year the Southaven Church of Christ in MS graciously agreed to assume the oversight of GBN, and along with the new oversight naturally came a relocation of the work. Our original plan was to build a new building that was estimated to cost 2.1 million dollars. Earlier this year we found an existing eight-year-old building that was a bank repossession. At the time of its last appraisal (2008) the building was appraised at $880,000. We made an offer of $389,000, which was accepted, and we will soon be closing on our new facility. This 8000 square foot brick building is extremely well-suited to our needs but will require some alterations in order to accommodate our studio. The cost for the studio will be approximately $100,000. Even still the total cost of $489,000 is less than a fourth the price of previously planned facility.

Fund raising thermostatLast month I was preaching a gospel meeting in McMinnville, TN with the Arlington Church of Christ. I made a plea to the congregation for funds to purchase our new building, and on the last night of the meeting two little girls (Erin and Erica Cantrell) walked out and handed me cash. They said, “This is for the GBN building.” As they walked off, one of the brethren told me that this was their “egg money.” Their parents raise chickens, and the girls get to keep the money from selling the eggs as allowance. I was deeply moved by these two precious little girls and their desire to give to the cause of Christ. Such is the kingdom of heaven. It is also a testimony to their godly parents who have raised them to be this way. With tender hearts like these we will be enabled to do the Lord’s work of broadcasting the gospel.

As of the writing of this newsletter we have received $43,680 in contributions toward our goal of $489,000. It’s a good start, but we have a long way to go. Can you help us? For the last several years we have been paying approximately  $7000 per month in rent in the Chattanooga area. This rent payment will go away when we exit our present facility and move to the new one, and that money will go to furthering our efforts to preach the Word.




— GBN Financial And General Highlights - January - March 2012 —

Ralph Upton, Director of Finance

  1. piggy bank Contributions were down 21.3% from the same period last year.
  2. Interest expense was down $12,971 due to restructuring and rapid pay down on the Pinnacle loan.
  3. Despite a 10% increase in rent, miscellaneous facilities expenses were down by $5,586. This was accomplished by re-negotiated contracts for phone service, waste service, and insurance.
  4. General office expenses were down by $7,310. This included equipment, supplies, and postage.
  5. Broadcasting expenses were down $120,379. This was due to elimination of non-recurring, “past due” bills last year and a 50% reduction in the cost of C-Band versus KU dish transmission. We are being carried by 3 more cable stations than last year.
  6. Promotional expenses were down by $14,855. This was primarily the result of less frequent “mailed” newsletters, along with monthly “email” newsletters.
  7. By continuing to operate on a “bare bones” budget, we were able to pay down an additional $166,000 on our long term debt. 79% of total debt has been paid over the last 15 months.
  8. We are in the process of purchasing an existing, 8000 square foot building in Olive Branch, MS (7 miles/11 minutes from Memphis School of Preaching) to relocate our production studio and offices near the Southaven congregation. This allows us to be near our overseeing eldership, operate in a building which fully meets our needs for considerably less money, and train students at MSOP in television broadcasting. Anticipated moving date is on or before April 30, 2013, when our lease contract in Ringgold, GA expires.
  9. We are thankful for your continued prayers, words of encouragement, and financial support as we endeavor to broadcast the gospel of Christ to the whole world.


To date, as a result of good stewardship, we have reduced GBN’s overall debt by 79%, and we
are shooting to be debt free by the end of the year! To God be all the glory!






  1. 34 million homes - Dish Network (ch. 267) and DirecTV (ch. 376) - each Lord’s Day at 7:30 EST.
  2. ½ million homes on cable stations around the country as a 24/7 channel.
  3. 12,000 visits each month to the website from an average of 5 different continents.
  4. 250 million Apple iOS devices world wide (iPhone, iPad, iPod).
  5. 225 million Android devices.
  6. C-band satellite on AMC-10.
  7. Roku in over 2.5 million homes.


And we’re constantly looking for new outlets.
We are presently working to make our GBN
live stream available on the Kindle Fire.




hands and worldYou probably noticed the problem with the above title. G.B.N. does not stand for Global Broadcasting Network. It stands for the Gospel Broadcasting Network. The fact of the matter is however that GBN can be seen around the world! In 2011 GBN released our then brand new GBN iPhone app. Something interesting immediately started happening. People around the world with iPhones and iPads started downloading our app. The top country to download the app was, of course, the United States. The next ten in order of the number of downloads were as follows: China, France, Italy, Saudi Arabi, Brazil, United Kingdom, Canada, Spain, the Netherlands and Russia. As of the last update we now have over 50 countries wherein the GBN app has been downloaded, and this does not include the numbers from Android phones or the internet. Brethren, thanks to your help GBN airs Preaching the Gospel each Lord’s Day in 38 million homes on Dish Network and DirecTV. We teach the gospel 24/7 on 20 diff erent cable stations. We maintain a website with tens of thousands of Roku Devicehits every month. We have a live 24/7 Roku channel so that anyone with high-speed internet can have GBN at home. We can be picked up over the airwaves in most of North America via a C-band satellite dish, and hundreds of millions of people have access to GBN anytime of the day anywhere in the world on their smart phones and iPads. As you know GBN does not solicit money on the air. We are supported by free will off erings of congregations and brethren like you! Let’s keep working together as we continue to go into all the world and seek to preach the gospel to every creature.

Don Blackwell, Executive Director, Gospel Broadcasting Network


in memory of, in honor of

Waldo Ross Tucker,
by Bill Pierce; Jim & Wanda Waldron;

Larry & Linda Everson
Connie Sparks and Waldo Ross Tucker,
by Mr. & Mrs. Larry Davis

Charlotte Todd and Mildred Parham,
by Bill & Kay Worsham

Pearl Cooper, by John Ed & Jo Frazier
Delphia Sisco Mayfield,
by Glen Mayfield

Grayson O. Gilbert,
by Mrs. Grace B. Gilbert

Mrs. Frances Henry and
Eddy Sprayberry,
by Frances S. Cochran

Gary Keith Hobbs,
by the Hobbs Reunion Group

Lewis Carnahan,
by Rick & Fay Hinson

Lewis Crowder, by Theresa Crowder
James T. Brumley,
by Billy Roy & Deborah Box

William A. Mayfield, Jr.,
by Steve & Carol Earley

Frances Henry,
by Mr. Ralph Henry on behalf of

Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Garber
Jack Barber, by Alice McCulley

Jerry Waskom,
by George & Margaret Walker

Elsie Klingman Mize,
by Sam & Margaret Eads

Elwanda Steelman,
by Weldon & Carol Hendrix

Oliver Hughes,
by Charles Stewart

Earl Buck, by Dr. E. Claude Gardner;

Bill, Carolyn, Andrea,
& Claire Snider Jackie Carter,
by Doris Hardaway and Emily Hardaway

Mickey Frye, by Eunice C. Rayburn

Christine Ball, by Franklin Ball

Emogene Andrews and
Lucille Kuykendall,
by Peggy E. Cooper

Albert Vansyckle, Howard Thurman
Lowry, Phyllis Johnson,
and Joe Bracewell,
by Walter & Mary Ann Bishop

Ruby Bennett, by Evette Moore

Roy Loranae and Pat Spry,
by Richard, Ann & Lois Walker

Guy Provence and Irene Olive,
by Rex & Wanda Provence

W.L. McElroy, by Susie Elliott

Mary Lou Turner, by Mrs. Betty Herring

Betty J. McPeak, by Pete Bradford

Gail Missildine,
by Ray & Debbie Bomnskie

Kenneth W. Scarbrough,
by Virginia Westmoreland, Bettye Partin,
Hope Fine, Faith Graves,
& Joy Westmoreland; Don & Kathy Nixon;
Mr. & Mrs.Herman Arendale;
South Pittsburg Church of Christ,

Sue Waller, by Hollis & Nancy Tackitt

Chris Tilghman, George & Pauline
“Polly” Morton, Tommy Mitchum, Jack
Hill, Mitchell Gilmore, Steve Rayburn,
Patsy Davidson, Alfred Williams, N.K.
“Pete” Neyman, and Ada Selix,
by Edgar & Barbara Beard

Shirley Mitchum, Minnie Hill, Gary
Davidson, Colleen Williams, Mary
Neyman, Sherry Dodd, Shirley
Brown, and Billy & Nita Burch,
by Edgar & Barbara Beard

Kai Zheng,
by Lonnie & Toni Kelley

Jim Dearman,
by Mr. & Mrs. W.C. Chilton

James Watkins,
by Charles A. Jones




— A Note From brother James Watkins —


Below is a note from brother James Watkins, but before you read it, let us
say that for years brother Watkins has been a blessing to the cause of Christ
and especially to our efforts at GBN. Brother James is now alternating with
Cliff Goodwin on their good program, but he will continue to preach/teach
on the program as long as he is willing and able. Please also keep your eyes
open as we soon begin airing poetry written and read by brother James. It
is masterfully done. Our hearts cannot adequately express our gratitude to
this great soldier of the cross.


James WatkinsDear friends and supporters of Preaching the Gospel,

It has been a genuine joy to be a part of this great program for the last fifteen years, and if our Lord wills, we will continue to interchange with our good friend and faithful brother, Cliff Goodwin, for some time to come. My prayer is that you will give him the same love, attention and support that you have provided through the years to me.

There is no greater privilege given the sons of men than the joy of proclaiming the unsearchable riches of Jesus Christ. I thank God for your love of the truth.

I am still conducting gospel meetings on a regular basis despite my continuing battle with arthritis, gout, etc. My doctor said that I was eighty-five, and that made me wonder what a number would have to do with one’s pains. Say! I love you dearly. Give my friend and fighting comrade, Cliff, your love and support.

May God’s richest blessings be upon each of you.

Your servant,

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