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June 2012 - Newsletter


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Right-hand-panel We are extremely excited to share some happy news about a very generous offer. For the last couple of months we have been working diligently to raise funds to pay for our new facility in Olive Branch, MS (just outside of Memphis). We have been making good progress, but a contributor has extended an offer which should greatly accelerate the process. Here’s the offer – Any contribution of $500 or more made toward the new GBN building will be matched up to a total of $150,000. thermostatThis means that if you send in a check for $500, it instantly becomes worth $1000! If you send $5000 it instantly becomes worth $10,000. This “matchingfunds” offer will last through December 31 of this year. Our goal is to pay off the building by that time.

We closed on our new building on Tuesday, June 5, so it is now officially ours. In preparation for the closing, however, we discovered some encouraging news. In 2008 this building appraised for $880,000. Of course, we all know that property values have drastically dropped since that time. A new appraisal was done last month, and it returned a value of $720,000. This was encouraging news, since we paid only $389,000 for this bank-owned property. Once we spend another $100,000 to outfit the facility to our broadcasting needs, it will still come in well below the appraised market value. GBN has been working to be good stewards of the Lord’s money, and we feel this purchase fits very well with our plan.

Presently we have raised $160,050 toward the payoff of the building loan. If we can raise $150,000 more, it will be matched, and we will be almost at our goal! Would you be willing to contribute $500 toward the purchase of this building? Would your congregation consider giving its fifth Sunday contribution in July to this great effort?

Over the next several months we will begin altering the rear portion of our new building to accommodate our studio, and by the Fall of the year we hope to begin the process of transitioning our operation to Olive Branch. By the Spring of 2013 we intend to be fully operational in Mississippi and to vacate our current leased facility in Ringgold, GA. Our new building will be named in honor of the founder of the Gospel Broadcasting Network, Barry Gilreath Sr.

Contributions should be made to: Gospel Broadcasting Network, 3969 Cloud Springs Road, Ringgold, GA, 30736. Please note that it is for the “building fund.” We  respectfully request that current supporters not divert regular support to the building fund as operating expenses are always a constant. Thanks!

Don Blackwell, Executive Director, GBN



 Programming Opportunities

Mark Teske, Director of Operations

Former speakers returningThe upcoming move to the new facility in Olive Branch, Mississippi  brings with it many programming opportunities. It is our hope and prayer to add additional programming to the network while maintaining all of the programs currently recorded in the Chattanooga area. We are working right now to establish satellite studios in the Middle Tennessee area to continue recording these programs.

We are very pleased to tell you great news about Fabric of Family, a  long running program on the network. Fabric of Family is hosted by Barry Gilreath, Jr., who moved to Florence, Alabama several years ago. Due to the move to Florence, Barry was no longer able to record Fabric of Family in our Chattanooga studio. However, the program is about to go back into production and new programs will soon be recorded.

Fabric of Family will utilize preachers from the Florence, Alabama area. In addition to airing on the network, the program will also air on broadcast television in the North Alabama television market. Congregations in the Florence Alabama area, coordinated by the elders of the Jackson Heights Church of Christ, are making this production and broadcast possible through their generous support. This program will be recorded by Sain Productions in Pulaski, Tennessee, which produces several programs already seen on the Network. The coordinated efforts of so many Christians to help bring Fabric of Family back into production shows just how much Christians can do when we work together.

Additionally, some programs that were previously recorded in the Memphis area will go back into production. We have already spoken with several popular speakers from the Memphis area, including B.J. Clark and Mike Hixson, who are eager to get back into the studio. As soon as we have our studio operational, we’ll capture that enthusiasm on camera.

If the Lord wills, the change of the location of our studio will be a blessing to our viewers by increasing the diversity and quantity of our programming.




calendarMany congregations participate in our mission work by giving “Fifth Sunday” contributions to GBN thereby helping us meet our monthly budget. Maintaining sufficient funding in this trying economy is a challenge.  Your financial cooperation in the outreach of GBN positively impacts millions of lives, by making possible the network’s daily, thorough and consistent Bible teaching. Please consider helping GBN with your “Fifth Sunday” contribution July 29, 2012.





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in memory of, in honor of

Charles Edward Curtis and
Leonard Sweeton,
by the Morrison Church of Christ, TN

Martha Etta Pass Hodnett and John
Harville, by Richard & Tommie Bell

Grayson O. Gilbert,
by Mrs. Grace Gilbert

Peggy & Emily Smith and Earnest &
Edith Bickford,
by Carolyn & Robert Smith

Kenneth Scarbrough,
by Mr. & Mrs. Vinnie Schauer
and Mr. Thomas Rubright

Lewis Crowder,
by Theresa Crowder

Bradley James Rosie,
by Roger & Doris Rosie

J.B. Whitaker and Raymond
& Belle Frazier,
by John Ed & Jo Frazier

William Hearn,
by Ken & Penny Shields

Norman Hughes and Johnnie Laman,
by Linda Workman

Ruth Northcutt, by Myrtle Northcutt
Jeff Cathey and Robert E. Clendenen,
by Walter & Mary Ann Bishop

Willie & Ethel Hogan,
by R. & Z. Hogan

Harold Long, Dot Taylor, and
Owen Hardaway, by Emily Hardaway

Walter Smith, Martin Brown, and
Donna Gass,
by the East Ridge Church of Christ

Wednesday night bible class
Bill & Clara Barnett and Edna Holden,
by the Grundy Street Church of Christ
Ladies’ Bible class, Tullahoma, TN

Mr. Emmitt Vaughn,
by Carol Gilliam

Lawrence Shuler,
by Jordan & Nelda Linscomb

Una Provence,
by Martin & Kathryn Anderson

Charlotte, Denisha & Albirta,
by Robert & Earlean Phillips

Virgil Thomas,
by Clara Brown, Paul & Paula Poland,
and the South Pittsburg Church of Christ, TN

Waldo Tucker,
by Betty Tucker

Brother Tom Hall,
by Annie R. Cook

Earl & Ida Mac Pilkinton,
by Mary L. Pilkinton

Ernest Hendricks,
by Damaris Byers

Ralph O’Neal, Mary O’Neal East,
Roger “Bogie” & Ann Felts, Lewis
Wall, Elizabeth Few, Charles “Chuck”
Clarkston, Josh Bryant, and George W.
Bozza, Jr., by Edgar & Barbara Beard

Charlotte Lee Yates,
by the Hobbs Reunion Group

Roy & Eva Johnson,
by Betty Southerland

Dorothy Pearl Jones, Alvie J. Byars, Tim
Bush, and Hazel Davis,
by Richard, Ann and Lois Walker

Carolyn Nash Gray
and Sharon Strickland Cannon,
by the Florence Church of Christ,
Florence, MS

Will Morrison, Carol Fuson, Chuck & Sue
Howard, Geneva Bozza, Joy & Lovell Story,
Tommy & Debbie Todd, and Norma Wall,
by Edgar & Barbara Beard

All the “GBN Workers”,
by Clarence & Mary Eanes

Les & Dimple Clifton, Opal Anderton,
by the Grundy Street Church of Christ

Ladies’ bible class, Tullahoma, TN
Grandchildren Haley, Hunter, Robert, &
Ryder Lynch; Jesse & Jared Jones,
by Barbara Weatherspoon

Capt. Jason & Mrs. Megan Overstreet;
Caylan, Eli & Olivia Star,
by Boyd & Juanita Overstreet

Joseph, Misty, Abi & Ali Pauley,
by Ron & Lillian Miller

James Watkins,
by Charles A. Jones

Royce Mosley,
by George & Margaret Walker

Ken & Lynn Golson, Sr.,
by Milton & Laurel Sewell




GBN is in the Top 10 of Roku Channels Based on Ratings!


We are very pleased to announce that the GBN channel has been rated in the top 10 apps by users of the Roku device! With the hundreds of Roku channels available, the ranking is truly a great honor. This high ranking shows that those who have subscribed to the channel have enjoyed what they have seen on the network. A special thank you to all of our viewers who have taken the time to show their support for GBN in this manner.

The Roku is a device that connects your television to the internet to receive  programming. If you have a high-speed internet connection, you can get GBN in your home very inexpensively. These devices can be purchased for around  $50-$100 at stores like WalMart, Best Buy and Radio Shack, as well as online. There is no ongoing monthly cost for you to watch GBN on your Roku. Further information can be found on our website at: http://www.gbntv.org/roku.aspx.

In addition, the high user satisfaction with the GBN channel confirms the validity of the strategy of GBN to deliver sound Gospel programming on as many different devices as possible. The devices currently include not only the Roku, but also the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. While we are strongly committed to further expanding the number of cable systems carrying GBN, the utilization of these new devices has helped to further the reach of GBN throughout the world.

From a stewardship perspective, the utilization of the Roku and other devices has been fantastic for GBN. In addition to being a very inexpensive and convenient way to provide our programming, the reach of these devices is truly global. Our programming is being watched in at least 50 different countries, with China and Saudi Arabia in the top 5 countries for total viewership. It is often very difficult - in these two countries especially - to get the Gospel message into the country, but we are doing it very effectively and inexpensively through GBN.


Oversight, Management, & Contact Information


Overseeing Eldership

GBN is overseen by the elders of the Southaven Church of Christ:

Larry Everson, Con Lambert, & Vern Schrimsher

1483 Brookhaven Drive
Southaven, MS 38671-3748


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—Volunteer Area Representatives—

Jeff Archey • Ricky Burger
Frank Crownover • Chad Dollahite
Ken Gardner • Mickey Gattis
Michael Grooms • Greg Hamlin
Denver Horton • Kevin Key • James Lee
Rick Moody • Dwayne Odele • Keith Ritchie
Charlie Rose • Karl Tule • Russ Vickers

Phone toll-free: 866-525-4677

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