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GBN InfoCurrent Building Fund Thermometer Don Blackwell-imageSince April of this year we have been telling you about our new building in Olive Branch, MS, and asking for your help to raise $489,000. The funds were to pay off the mortgage on the building and to construct a studio at the rear of the facility. As of the writing of this newsletter, we have reached the targeted amount. The staff and eldership were elated when we received the check that pushed us over the limit. We would like to express our sincere thanks to every generous Christian and congregation who has contributed to this worthy cause. We have been working diligently to be good stewards of the money donated to our work. We know that it is really the Lord’s work and His money, and we are accountable to Him for how we handle it. Paying off the mortgage on our new building and moving out of the old leased facility will save us more than $7000 per month on rent. Since the new facility is approximately 1/3 the size of the old one, it should also save us a very significant amount on electricity and other utilities. This is money that will go back into the work of preaching the gospel via broadcasting.

We have already begun our transition to the Memphis area. We have hauled several truckloads, and Adam Vaughn is working full-time in the new facility. The complete transition, however, is going to be expensive. We have equipment and staff to move, and we have some equipment that will have to be purchased. We have learned that our lighting grid and transformers from our present facility cannot be moved to the new studio. This will involve significant cost to replace. We have raised the money for our new building. Now we have to get there. If you or your congregation can help us in this relocation process, we would be eternally grateful.

In the last two years we have seen great changes at GBN. We have taken $930,000 of debt and have reduced it to $79,673. This is a 91% reduction. We are still working diligently to pay off the balance of our old debt. We have raised the money to pay off our new building and have begun the move. We have expanded our broadcasting to reach a potential of ½ billion people. Our hope and prayer is that by April of 2013 we will be debt-free. So many wonderful things are happening, and we are looking forward to this new chapter in the existence of the Gospel Broadcasting Network.

— Don Blackwell, Executive Director

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GBN Financial and General Highlights - Jan. - Sept. 2012


  1. RalphContributions for “operational” expenses were down 17.64% from the same period last year.
  2. Contributions to our new building and studio addition in Olive Branch, MS are over $489,000. We have reached our goal.
  3. Overall “operational” expenses were down $200,350 or 16.51% from last year.
  4. Expense reduction this year was primarily in the following areas:
    1. Satellite uplink change from KU dish to C-band $135,000
    2. Newsletter schedule change (includes postage) 27,650
    3. Utilities –alternate plan in rented space 4,750
    4. Loan payments 39,475
  5. Our long term debt balance is $79,672.78. By making only our regular monthly payments, it will be down to $45,672.78 by the end of the year. Our prayer is that with your help, it can be zero at year’s end.
  6. We look forward to completing the physical move of GBN offices and production studio to Olive Branch, MS by the end of December 2012. This facility should be less expensive to operate, near our overseeing eldership at the Southaven congregation, and near the Memphis School of Preaching which will allow us to train MSOP students in television broadcasting.
  7. We have plans for a satellite studio in Middle Tennessee, and possibly one more in North Georgia to facilitate continued programming with preachers in these areas.
  8. We are so thankful for your continued prayers, words of encouragement, and financial support as we spread the gospel of Christ to the whole world.

—Ralph Upton, Director of Finances

May God bless you. To God be all the glory!

in memory of, in honor of


Jeff Stephens,
by Bob & Jimmie Daves

Cassie McNair, Annelle Payne
and Duene Broome,
by Bill & Kay Worsham

Ada Pugh,
by Agnes Haynes

Velvie Denson,
by the Highland Heights
church of Christ adult classes

Helen & Estil Varner,
by anonymous

Wayne Glasshof,
by William & Angela Noyes

Claudia Autry,
by Emery & Betty Binkley

Virgil C. Thomas,
by Joann Black Walker

Mr. Charles Cantrell,
by Hollis & Nancy Tackitt

Waldo Tucker,
by Phil & Debra Gould
and Larry & Linda Everson

Waldo Tucker,
by Betty Tucker

Jimmy Dean Clemmons,
by Dorris Bergob
and Lamar & Knoxie Goad

June Sanders,
by Benny Sanders

Ruby Walker Yates,
by Melba L. Bouldin



Pauline Morrison,
by John Ed & Jo Frazier

Helen Howell and Tori White,
by the Florence church of Christ, Florence, MS

Raymond Leonard,
by the East Ridge church of Christ
Wednesday adult class, Chattanooga, TN

Edith Taylor, Paul Ware, Paul Vaughn,
Chester Womack, Joe P. Cantrell,
William (Bill) Womack and Daisy Groves,
by Richard, Ann & Lois Walker

Brodie Plyler,
by Betty & Mark Plyler

Wayne Glasshof,
by Kenneth Hunsucker

Kenneth W. Scarbrough,
by Walter E. Scarbrough

Sara Edna Green,
by Todd & Kathy Robison

James “Jimmy” Martin, Inez Orrick,
Chester Womack and Edna Green,
by Walter & Mary Ann Bishop

Clarise Smith, Lillie Belle Carter,
Virginia Ruth Atkinson, Raymond Leonard,
David Smith, Kirby Osborne, Marvin Jock,
Frances Proctor, Ernest Brown,
Francis Brown, Sr., Russ Morris
and David Shirley,
by Edgar & Barbara Beard

Johnnie B. Cooper,
by Mildred Prater and
the estate of Laura McAfee




James Watkins,
by Charles A. Jones

Maggie Leonard; Cathy Cooper;
Tommy Biele; Brian, Angela Bissinger
& family; Tim, Jennifer
& Marlee Dover; Mamie Welch,
by Edgar & Barbara Beard

Paul Sain for his work
on the annual Restoration Revisited Series
at Mead’s Chapel church of Christ
in Nashville, TN,
by David Hayes Prophater







Programming Notes


mark teske imageIt’s Presidential election time again here in America. With all of the advertisements, news stories and debates happening, the political and moral issues are being talked about everywhere. The candidates, the pundits and the media are discussing so many different subjects and topics that it’s easy to be overwhelmed by all of the issues that surround us: the economy, terrorism, border security, crime, welfare, energy policy – and the list goes on and on. How does a Christian properly assess the situation, weigh the merits of each issue and figure out what is the most important?

To help the honest Christian answer this question, we will premiere an exciting new series of lessons entitled “America’s Most Pressing Concern” in late October. This Apologetics Press production is hosted by Dr. Dave Miller and is a follow-up series to his highly acclaimed series, “The Silencing of God.” In these lessons, brother Miller looks back at the actual statements made by the founding fathers of our country to see what they considered to be the most pressing concerns of America and then applies the same thoughts to our time.

“America’s Most Pressing Concern” will air as a GBN Special Presentation over two evenings on November 5th and 6th at 7PM EDT/4PM PDT/11PM GMT. We will also air the lessons again during the regular GBN Special time slot later in the month of November as well.

Until then, we will continue airing programs focused on moral issues during our GBN Special Presentations. We are airing them in an effort to help encourage every one of our viewers to live their lives in accordance with God’s Holy Word. As you watch these programs (and encourage others to do so), pray that they change lives for the better.

— Mark Teske, Director of Operations and Programming



Oversight, Management, & Contact Information


Overseeing Eldership

GBN is overseen by the elders
of the Southaven Church of Christ:

Larry Everson, Con Lambert, & Vern Schrimsher

1483 Brookhaven Drive
Southaven, MS 38671-3748


Volunteer Area Representatives

Jeff Archey • Ricky Burger • Frank Crownover • Chad Dollahite
Ken Gardner • Mickey Gattis • Michael Grooms • Greg Hamlin
Denver Horton • Kevin Key • James Lee • Rick Moody
Dwayne Odele • Keith Ritchie • Charlie Rose
Karl Tule • Russ Vickers


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Management Team

Don Blackwell
Don Blackwell
Executive Director

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Glenn Colley

Ralph Upton - Image
Ralph Upton
Director of Personnel
and Finance

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Mark Teske
Director of Operations