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Tribute to Curtis Cates


GBN InfoCurtis Cates image Romans 13:7 says that we are to render honor to whom honor is due. On October 25, 2013, brother Curtis Cates passed from this world into the Paradise of the Lord. On December 23rd, 2013 the Gospel Broadcasting Network will be airing a special tribute to brother Curtis Cates. At the time of this writing we are inviting friends of brother Cates to come to the GBN studio and film short segment tributes that will air throughout the day. Men such as Garland Elkins, Mike Hixson, Gary Colley, Paul Sain, Tom Holland, Chris Clevenger, Robert Jefferies and others will share stories and memories of our dearly departed brother. Then, at 7pm CST, we will start airing lessons taught by brother Cates. These lessons are representative of his legacy. He was a teacher of teachers. For more than forty years, Curtis A. Cates trained gospel preachers. He was a professor for three years at Faulkner University, was Dean of the College, Columbia Christian College, Portland, Oregon, and was a professor and Academic Vice President of Southern Christian University (now Amridge University) for twelve years. He served as Director of Memphis School of Preaching for twenty-four years, and afterward served as Director Emeritus and taught until he died. He was also on the graduate faculty of the Turner School of Theology, Amridge University (forty years). His numerous years of training gospel preachers and church leaders through the extensions of Southern Christian University (Amridge) carried him to teach in thirty cities in ten states. His undergraduate and graduate classes were attended by more than one thousand preachers, Bible class teachers, and elders. More than anything, he was a faithful soldier of the cross.

I was privileged to study under brother Cates and to be encouraged by him over the years. On the evening of December 23rd, we want to remember his family and honor the legacy by our good friend and brother.

Don Blackwell, Executive Director, Gospel Broadcasting Network


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Oldest ViewerWe love getting mail from viewers.  Receiving letters, emails and Facebook posts are common for us.  We are thankful for the questions we receive and happy to fulfill requests for materials.  We are thrilled when we receive letters that tell how GBN had a role in someone’s conversion or restoration, but every now and then we get a message that we simply must share.  On October 19, we received an email from sister Glenda Williams of Geneva, Alabama.  It contained the following text, along with this picture of her mother.
Oldest Viewer 2
“Mother and I seldom get out to worship with the church. We enjoy watching and listening to Gospel Broadcasting Network. Here is a recent picture of mother as she watches at 102 years of age.”
102 years old and watching GBN!  It warms our hearts to see those who are largely confined to their homes and who love to watch the gospel being preached.  Thank you Glenda for sharing this.  

Don Blackwell, Executive Director


Please Remember Us In Your Year-End Contributions

Don Blackwell imageAs 2013 comes to a close, we are thankful to God for the rich blessings that He has bestowed upon us.  We are now comfortably established in our new building in Olive Branch, Mississippi.  Our new studio has been completed, studio lights have been purchased and hung, sets are being built, and it is all paid in full.  We are extremely pleased to be able to enter 2014 debt free. 

We are now focused on expanding and growing the work of GBN.  We have been getting the pieces of equipment in place to do a live call-in program.  This is very close to becoming a reality, and 2014 should see it airing.  We are also thrilled that 19 congregations have submitted applications to the FCC requesting low-power FM radio licenses.  Those who are granted the licenses will soon be broadcasting GBN via radio in their local areas 24/7.  What a great step this is!   We do not intend to slow down or stop until we reach the world with the gospel. 

Unfortunately, in 2013 we have seen a decrease in support.  If we are going to continue taking the gospel to the world, we need not only to maintain our support, but to expand it.  We would like to ask you to consider making a year-end contribution to GBN to help us do the work of the Lord.  We are seeking 7000 who are willing to support GBN $25 dollars per month.  If you are interested in becoming 1 of the 7000 please let us know.  We can send you an envelope each month, or we can set up automatic debits.  Perhaps you would like to give it all at once in the form of a $300 contribution in the month of December.   We can accommodate whatever works best for you.

GBN now has over 500 million outlets where people can view the Network.  With a world population of over 7 billion, we believe that broadcasting is the answer! 

Please keep us in your prayers.

Don Blackwell, Executive Director



in memory of, in honor of

Horace Hunter, Nicklaus Pettyjohn,
and Billie Eversole

by Bill and Kay Worsham

James T. & Fay Brumley
by Billy Roy and Deborah Box

Rudy & Opal Brawner
by Jerry Brawner

Thelma Ruth Sprayberry and Charles Nix
by Neal & Myrna Warren

Malvin Thomas Willhite
by Hazel T Van Syckel

Marie Collins
by Melvis Staffs

Kenneth Wanamaker
by Jean Ware

Wilma Hennington
by James & Doris Marini

Deborah A Calvert
and Dorothy Weddington
by Geneva Hobbs

“Doc,” Bud, and Jason Hunt
by The Patchell Family

Donnie Barnes and Tom Willhite
by Roger & Charlotte Comstock

Wilma Hennington
by James & Vera Clemmons

Dot Weddington
by John Paul & Mary Davis

Max Goodhart
by Jordan & Nelda Linscomb

Edward “Ed” Roberts, Lucille I McBride,
and Dorothy “Dot” Weddington
by Walter & Mary Ann Bishop

“Daddy” William A Mayfield Jr.
by John D & Brenda Manz

Louis Byers
by Anthony & Dolly Gullo

Grayson O Gilbert
by Grace Gilbert

June Sanders
by Benny Sanders

Mrs. Francis Ware
by Florence church of Christ

Waldo Tucker
by Philip and Debra Gould

Tom Willhite
by Walter and Mary Ann Bishop

Nicholas Hanks and Larry Golden
by Jordan and Nelda Linscomb

Dad - W. A. Mayfield Jr.
by John D. and Brenda Manz

Wilma Hennington
by Manlif and Maxine Barnes

Antwane Tillotson,
Josephine Turner Gunn, and Patti Purvis
by Charles Andrew Campbell

Glenn Hobbs and Mrs. Ruby Stotts
by Hobbs Reunion Group

Sam & Betty Owen and Anne Eaton
June Gannaway

Herman Mckenzie
by Charles Stewart

Mr. Bob Harris
by Peggy Cooper

Pat Hall and Hettie Santymire
by Hollis and Nancy Tackitt

June Sanders
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George W. Cloys
by Maxine Ward

Husband-Jarvis Thompson
by Florence Thompson

Erin Clark
by John Ed and Jo Frazier

Robert Villines
by Jerry and Loretta Winter

Ana Beth Branstetter
by Kenneth and Barbara Branstetter

Henry Davis and Rosalie Allen
by Christiana church of Christ

Susan Dean, Betty Shores, Mary V. Martin,
Ester Ruth Gufford, Lawrence E. Pahman Jr.,
Bob and Gail Price, Paul Hoover,
Sopchoppy church of Christ,
Mark and Lisa Aldrenm, Frances R. Connor,
Gerry H. Campbell, H. R. James,
Eric and Nadia Smith, Jewel Colfry,
Wakulla County Clerk Employee Benefit Fund,
Barbara and Joseph Stephens,
Redland church of Christ,
Mariesha Pearson, George and Tammy
Pearson, Charles E. James, Donald James,
the Hoffecker Family, and
the Normandy church of Christ

by Normandy church of Christ

Grandchildren: Hunter, Haley,
Robert & Ryder Lynch
and Jesse & Jared Jones
by Barbara Weatherspoon

Alfred & Mildred Duncan,
Leonard & Joyce Lewis,
Charles (Chuck) & Esther Lewis
by Ladies Bible Class

Tommy Stacks
by Leslie Putman

James Watkins
by Charles & Jimmy Dee Jones

Mr. and Mrs. Peter C.
(Nova) Roberson’s 70th
Wedding Anniversary
by Tom & Kay Greer

James Watkins
by Charles A Jones

Dr. John Jucas
by Leslie Putman








Mark Teske - Director of OperationsAt GBN, we feel a responsibility to let our supporters know about the financial stability of the network.  At this time last year, we were at the final stages of fundraising for the new building in Olive Branch and anticipating that our operating expenses would go down once we were settled in the new building.

After being in the building for 10 months, we have seen very positive results.  With all of the external debts paid off, the interest and service charges paid to the banks has decreased by a whopping 96%!  Our facilities expenses have dropped 49% due to the elimination of rent and significant reduction in utility expenses.  After considering these two items, the rest of our expenses have decreased by over $21,000 from the previous year.  We continue to look for areas where we can save money.

Total donations (excluding the building fund) are down by $6,000 for the first 10 months of the year.  With a slight decline in income, combined with expense reductions, we have been able to continue operating.

Also with the funds saved through expense reductions, we have been able to invest in building and equipment upgrades that will help us work more productively and expand our production capabilities.  For instance, the new LED lights reduce electricity usage and new editing computers allow for greater productivity of our staff.  We have almost completed the upgrades necessary to allow for routine, cost-effective live programming to be broadcast from our studio. new-brick-setThis is a capability that GBN has never had in the past.  We have added terabytes of storage onsite to allow efficient access to our archived programs.  Our computers and studio equipment are on both battery and emergency generator backup power. This allows us to continue broadcasting both our television and radio feeds, even when the utility power goes down.  While these things will never be seen on camera, their impact on the operations of the network is very significant.

We’ve also made some changes in our studio.  We’re in the process of adding numerous sets to the studio which will allow us to have many different looks for our programs, and efficiently use the studio space.  We’ve pioneered the use of “hinged walls on wheels,” which can make an entire set close up and free up floor space when not in use.  We’ll be utilizing this same technology for two additional sets that will show up in programming in early 2014.

Mark Teske, Director of Operations, Gospel Broadcasting Network

New Edit Bays Built

New Satellite Dish Installed

New edit bay

Due to our efforts to pay off debt, we have not updated much of our equipment in a very long time.  Adam Vaughn, our lead editor, was badly in need of a new editing system.  Thanks to generous contributions, from the Willette and Ironaton congregations we were able to purchase this new machine, along with other needed equipment.

New Dish

Mark Teske, our operations director standing in front of our newly mounted GBN dish on the rear of our property.  Thanks to brother Ken Golson for his help in making this happen.




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