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GBN InfoDon Blackwell-image Sometimes, when I am speaking at local congregations of the Lord’s church, I will hear the statement, “GBN is a great tool to take the gospel to the world, but presently we are focused on the work of this local congregation. How can GBN help us?” It’s a great question with great answers! There is actually a great deal that GBN can do to assist in the work of the local church, even if GBN is not on your local cable station. Allow me to suggest some ways GBN can be put to use:

PERSONAL EVANGELISM. GBN can be a great tool for personal workers. (1) Carry your iPad with you to Bible Studies. There you can open the GBN iPad and show programs such as “Why Are There So Many Churches?” or Searching for Truth. Pause it for discussion with your potential convert. (2) When you complete the Bible study, direct the person to GBN and list for him/her programs from the archive to watch prior to the next study.

TEACH BIBLE CLASSES. (1) Teachers can use GBN as a means of preparation. Watch programming relating to the subject you are teaching. Many teachers have outlined or made notes on various programs and then taught the material themselves. (2) Bring a laptop to class and show your students programs related to your course of study. If you are studying morals, you may wish to show The Truth About Moral Issues. (3) A series could also be shown as a class. (4) If the program you desire is not available in our archive, we will be happy to send you a DVD of the program you desire.

STRENGTHEN NEW CONVERTS. (1) As soon as one obeys the gospel, set up his smartphone or smart tablet with the GBN app. He will be hungry for the Word. Provide him a place where he can hear it any time he desires. (2) Invest $50 and purchase a Roku box so that this new Christian can have GBN on his home television 24/7. (3) Select a series and show one program each week as follow-up after baptism. The Truth About Worship is designed for new converts.

SHUT-INS. (1) Those confined to their homes can be made to feel included with programs such as On the Lord’s Day, which airs each aspect of the worship service every Sunday. The Gatlinburg Church of Christ is one congregation that provides airings of their worship, with great lessons from their preacher, Rod Rutherford. (2) Many shut-ins are older and really enjoy the vintage programs such as Voices from the Past, featuring Guy N. Woods, Andrew Connally, Thomas Warren and others. (3) They also enjoy devotional time and congregational singing.

FAMILY DEVOTIONALS. GBN can be used by parents for nightly family devotionals. Programs such as Digger Doug or On the Rock with Caleb Colley are excellent programs to watch with children. The Fabric of Family with Barry Gilreath Jr. may be good for older children and teens.

THE GREAT COMMISSION. GBN can assist the local congregation in “going into all the world.” While sometimes the local church becomes focused only on their immediate community, the Great Commission applies to each congregation and to each Christian. GBN is one means toward fulfilling that obligation. Television and broadcasting reaches into homes that we could not otherwise reach.

Don Blackwell — Executive Director


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Building Pictures Update

The new building in Olive Branch, MS is coming along
nicely. Here are some shots from our recent work day.
Thanks to all who helped make this a reality!


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by Chad Dollahite (Minister, Bremen Church of Christ)


On Friday, December 28, GBN aired "An Evening with Tate," a tribute to the life of Tate Williams. Along with my friend and fellow Gospel preacher, Jeff Archey, I was privileged to co-host the broadcast. As was mentioned in the program, Tate was a young man whose life was literally saturated with all things spiritual. He loved the Lord, he loved the Lord's church, and he loved preaching the Lord's gospel. Tate tragically lost his life en route to an appointment to preach God's word; yet, as GBN viewers were able to see in the tribute to Tate, this young man, like Abel of old (Heb. 11:4), continues to honor and speak on behalf of Jesus Christ. The legacy of Tate Williams extends far beyond 2012 and far beyond this life. Tate was a young man like no other I have ever known. I am thankful to have known him, thankful to have participated in honoring his work and legacy, and I very much look forward to seeing him again one day in heaven. Truly, "Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord" (Rev. 14:13)!








in memory of, in honor of

Ed Lackey,
by John Ed & Jo Frazier

Betty Starbuck Duncan,
by Leroy & Melvis Staggs

Mr. Robert L. “Bob” Johnson,
Gainesboro, TN,
by Tim Parker

Steve Cunningham,
by Virginia Cunningham

Clara McAfee,
by Violet McMahan & family

Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd McKinney,
by their daughter,
Wanda McKinney

Billy Jack Welch,
by Sylvia Pass

R.B. & Bertha Smith Clements,
by Jerry, Loretta V. & Tim Winters

Robert Villines and
Harriet Clements Villines,
by Jerry, Loretta V. & Tim Winters

Barry Gilreath, Sr.,
by Mike & Melissa Frost

Wilburn Brown,
by Peggy Cooper

Danny Joe Wilson,
by James & Dorothy Marsell

James T. & Fay Brumley,
by Mr. & Mrs. Billy Roy Box


Milan Tucker,
by Joyce Hickerson
and Jewell Groves

Bob Burney,
by his daughter,
Mrs. Royce Mann

Claude & Emma Smith,
by Robert & Carolyn Smith

Mr. Leon Lowe, Jr.,
by Ronald & Sandra Jones,

Jennifer & Hayden
L.C. Mayfield, Steve Wilcher,
Helen G. Lance, J.C. Bell and
Nancy Naomi Barrett,
by Walter & Mary Ann Bishop

Larry Mayberry
by Peggy Cooper

Doris Powell
by Brent and Sherryl Roberts
& Ernest H Markum

Tomasita Vasquez
by Ray and Debbie Bomnskie

Waldo Tucker
by Paul and Sheila Winstead

Mrs. Ima Kirksey
by Paul and Sheila Winstead

Mr. Tom Clifton
by Paul and Sheila Winstead

Mr. Joe Herron
by Paul and Sheila Winstead

Mr. and Mrs. Pittman Sisco
by Shirley Sisco Vaughn

Hunter, Haley, Robert & Ryder
Lynch and Jesse & Jared Jones,
by their grandmother,
Barbara Richardson Weatherspoon

Gene Guy & Ella Nette Guy,
by George & Margaret Walker





Mark Teske - Director of OperationsGBN has just completed the move from Ringgold, Georgia to our new location in Olive Branch, Mississippi, just 7 miles from the MSOP campus. Some items have been easier to move than others, but none have proven to
be more difficult than the lighting system.

The lighting system used in the Ringgold facility was an age-old technology that utilized oversized incandescent bulbs with power needs in the 750 to 1,000 watt range per bulb, and numerous bulbs were needed for every set. The amount of electricity a system of this type utilizes to record a single program is comparable to several homes! In addition, most of the electricity consumed becomes heat, which then must be removed via air conditioning. The power needs of such a system were actually higher than the utility company in Olive Branch could provide without having to significantly upgrade their distribution system at our expense.

Thankfully, new technology is available to help overcome these obstacles. High-efficiency LED lighting is now the standard, as it uses a small fraction of the electricity to power the lights, and they put off very little heat. The power for the entire LED system could actually be run through a single 20-amp circuit. While these LED fixtures aren’t cheap, they are much less expensive than the cost of upgrading the electrical system and installing additional air conditioning that would be required for the old lighting system.

GBN is currently in the process of raising the $75,000 needed to make this cost-saving and necessary expenditure. If you know of individuals or congregations who would be willing to assist with this need, it would help to complete this new facility.

The GBN Grand Opening and Building Dedication is scheduled for March 30th at 3:00pm. This is the Saturday before the start of the MSOP Lectures. All MSOP graduates and their families are invited to attend the event.

Mark Teske — Director of Operations



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