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GBN InfoLive Debate - April 4 2014 The Christian Student Center of the University of North Alabama will be hosting a debate between Apologetics Press author Kyle Butt and University of North Carolina professor Bart Ehrman.

Professor Bart Ehrman has written more than 20 books, including the New York Times bestsellers Misquoting Jesus, Jesus Interrupted, and God’s Problem. He is the James A. Gray Distinguished Professor of Religious Studies at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. He is a self-avowed agnostic who claims that the pain and suffering he sees in the world make it impossible for him to believe that the Christian God exists. Thus, the debate will be on the subject of suffering and the existence of God. Ehrman will be affirming: “The pain and suffering in the world indicate that the Christian God does not exist.” Kyle will be denying that proposition. 

The debate will be held on the campus of the University of North Alabama (UNA) on April 4, 2014 at 6:00 p.m. in the Norton Auditorium, which seats about 1,700 people. Due to the limited seating, and the expenses incurred to host the debate, the Student Center is currently selling tickets for the event. Tickets are $10 each. They can be purchased from the Student Center by visiting their website at www.unacsc.com and clicking the “Purchase Debate Tickets” button to the right. The ticket can be purchased and printed from any personal computer.

For those who are unable to attend in person, GBN will be live-streaming the debate beginning at 5:30 Central Standard Time at www.gbntv.org/live.  The debate will also be streaming on all GBN outlets, including: the GBN Roku channel, iOS, Android, and Windows Phone 8 devices and cable networks which carry the Gospel Broadcasting Network.  Stay tuned after the debate for interviews with Kyle Butt and Bart Ehrman for their thoughts about the event.  We have estimated that approximately 75,000 people watched Kyle Butt’s last debate online and in remote locations.

Don Blackwell,
Executive Director,
Gospel Broadcasting Network

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Linda Mann who was baptizedSince most months have 4 Sundays, a month with 5 Sundays frequently provides congregations extra income beyond the normal budget.  Some congregations choose to set aside fifth Sunday contributions for special causes or evangelistic works.  Historically, GBN has received tremendous help from churches who have donated these funds to our work in broadcasting the gospel.  March has 5 Sundays.  Would your congregation consider designating a portion of  your contribution to the work of GBN?




Linda Mann who was baptizedWe are always thrilled when people notify us of conversions in which GBN played a part.  On February 3, 2014, Linda Mann was baptized into Christ. Prior to obeying the gospel Linda was a member of the Church of God of Prophecy.  She began an online study with a member of the church of Christ.  Linda would study every day and late into the night.  The brother who was studying with her told her about the Gospel Broadcasting Network, which is carried as a local cable channel in the area in which she lives. Linda began watching GBN regularly and her knowledge grew.  Finally, she contacted the McCaysville Church of Christ in McCaysville, GA and spoke with the preacher, Keith Ritchie.  Brother Ritchie said that when he arrived at her house to study, she had the TV tuned to GBN.    

In addition to Linda Mann, brother Ritchie has informed us that GBN also played a role in the conversion of others who are now members of the McCaysville Church of Christ.  These include Cecil Wilson and the Jones family (Brandon, Stacy, Trevor and Caitlin).  Prior to obeying the gospel Brandon was a deacon in the Baptist Church.  We are very pleased to know that the work we are doing is resulting in souls being added to the body of Christ, as well as strengthening existing Christians.

Don Blackwell

If you are aware of other baptisms or restorations
in which GBN played a role, please notify us. 
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As you may know, for some time now GBN has been available through a number of different sources, including Roku set top boxes, iOS (Apple) devices and Android phones.  We have been working diligently to improve these apps and also to expand to additional devices.  We are pleased to announce that our new Windows Phone app is now available for immediate download.  

We have also been busy redesigning our current apps. Our goal has been to include some of the changes that viewers have told us they desire to see.  1) We are greatly expanding the on-demand section (archive) so that you may watch programs when it’s convenient for you, while giving you a much larger selection from which to choose. 2) We have also made a change to the live stream for the apps which will provide for a more consistent signal.

Our new Android app is now live.  For the time being, the old Android app will still continue to work, but it will be deleted within the next few months.  You can load the new app and delete the old one at your convenience.

Our new Roku app is currently undergoing testing.  If you would like to help us test the new app, you can download it at: our private roku app page (note: you will need to sign into your Roku.com account to add the channel).  We will soon be adding significantly to the online archives in the new app so you can watch the archives grow before your eyes.  Even if you don’t help us test the Roku app, the old app will be automatically updating to the new version in the coming weeks.

For our Apple app users, your app will be automatically updating in the coming weeks. We are already using the new test version. We think you’ll be pleased with the changes.

Mark Teske, Programming Director

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in memory of, in honor of

Mrs. Eulala Bryant Williams
by Billy and Patricia Freeze

Martha Hickerson
by Hollis and Nancy Tackitt

Eulala Williams
by Charles and Mary Walker

Homer and Mary Short
by Mr. and Mrs. Mark McKenzie

Mrs. Eulala Williams
by Gridertown church of Christ

Billy Gilbert
by W. C. and Norma Chilton

Johnny Jones
by Peggy Cooper

F. W. Greer
by Ray and Debbie Bomnskie

Johnnie W. Rogers
by June Sims

Eulala Williams
by George and Glenda Bryan

Elton Jackson
by Mildred Jackson

Eulala Williams
by Dr. Jerry and Joy Galloway

Charles Scott
by Donald and Teresa Prater

Robert Krueger
by McCaysville church of Christ

Mr. Hamp Scott
by Tim Parker

Carolyn Faye Smith
by Robert Smith

Tommy Thompson
by Mrs. Florence Thompson

Curtis Cates
by Clyde and Annette Mize

Janice Starkey Webb
by Lewis and Alice Railey

Opal Langford
by William and Kay Worsham

Ruby Nell Brewer and Wayne Glasshof
by Janelle Glasshof

Myrtle Grieves
by Joyce Hickerson

Vernell Smith
by Mr. and Mrs. John Paul Davis

Janet Rogers
by: Pat and Shirley Cline

Barbara Ann Pitts, Rudolph Turner,
Irby Hall Powers, Ronnie Snellgrove,
John Pope, Roy O. Kiser,
Barney Jackson Campell,
Mary Louise Helms Campell,
Grace Campbell, Crowell Everett Davis,
William G. Jarrell, and Marvin Stringer
by Charles Andrew Campell

Sarah Frances Hobbs
by Hobbs Reunion Group

Nelson McCormick
by Morrison church of Christ

Goebel Music and George Tipps
by Mr. Eddy Parker

Jessie Faye Hobbs
by Jordan and Nelda Linscomb

Ralph Baisley
by Teresa Baisley

Eulala Williams
by church of Christ

Sara Martha Frazier
by John Ed and Jo Frazier

Eulala Williams
by Linda Sartain

Jessie Grant Craven
by Ronnie and Sandy Jones

Sue Gregory
by Hazel T. Van Syckel

James T. and Fay Brumley
by Billy Roy and Deborah Box

Harold and Tim Hammond
by Charlene Hammond

Ernest H. and Flora Markum
by Brent and Sherryl Roberts

Tammy St. Clair,
Willie Mae Ramsey, Carolyn McCoy
by Ray and Debbie Bomnskie

Gene Pigue and Leslie Resler
by Perry and Charlene O’Dell

Mattie Baynes
by Bryant and Wanda Nations

James Arthur Byrd (Husband)
by Evelyn Byrd

June Sanders
by Benny Sanders

Curtis Cates
by Jim and Mary Hayes

Wayne Rushing (Husband)
by Pauline Rushing

Curtis Cates
by Mr. Charles L. Jarrett Jr.

Van Doyne and Beauthon Coleman
by Donna C. Harris

“Grandma” Geri Steadman
by Jerry Miller

Thomas and Verie Hiers
by Chris and Melissa Clevenger

Hollis Taylor, Jerry Bates
by Grundy St. church of Christ
(Ladies Bible Class)

Doris Henegar
by Mary Davis

Landon Lane Lock
by Walter and Mary A Bishop

Sylvia Parker
by Johnny Parker

Betty Jean McPeak
by James Bradford

Maurice C. Crownover (Husband)
and Eddy Lee Crownover (Son)
by Shirley R. Crownover

Donnie S. Barnes
by Elizabeth Barnes

Flavil and Bernice Brooks
by Martin and Gayle Galloway

Charles E. Copeland (Husband)
by Annette Copeland

Darrel Boswell
by Hollis and Nancy Tackitt

Gertrude Pope and Jeffrey C. Pope
by Doris Cooper and John Pope

Joyce Elaine Rich Lindsey
by Mr. Donald Lindsey

Frank Lee Hobbs
by Geneva Hobbs

Helen Freeze
by Carol Gilliam

Curtis Cates
by Mr. and Mrs. Sam Eads

W. A. Mayfield Jr (Dad)
by John D. and Brenda Manz

Grayson Gilbert
by Grace B. Gilbert

James T. and Fay Brumley
by Mr. and Mrs. Billy Roy Box

Alta McKnight
by Carol Vaughter

Jim and Winnie Brewer,
Tom and Mary Ann Price
by Grundy Street church of Christ
(Ladies Bible Class)

Jackie and Judy Mullins
by Garnet and Betty Harris

Ms. Brenda Caldwell,
Ms. Sheila Carter,
Keith and Pam Snell,
and Ms. Myra Nell McElroy
by Mr. and Mrs. Walter Ward

Lois Holmes
by Patsy Holden

James Watkins
by Charles and Jimmy Dees Jones

Jackie and Joyce East
by Irene G Webb

Dorthy McBride Bishop
by David and Virginia Foster

Lexi Ainsworth and Haley
by Leslie Putnam

Haley, Hunter, Ryder, &
Robert Lynch and
Jesse & Jared Jones
by Barbara R. Weatherspoon

James Watkins, Jim Dearman,
and Cliff Goodwin
by Mr. Charles L. Jarrett  Jr.

Jack James (Preacher for the
Rossville church of Christ)
by Mr. Brice L Holland

Mike and Melissa Schuler
by Jesse and Karen Teague









Mark Teske - Director of OperationsAs the director of programming I am excited to share with you some of our recent developments at GBN.

For some time now, we have made it our goal to encourage congregations to set up satellite studios that can be used to film local preachers in their particular region of the country. We are starting to reap rich rewards from this.  You may have noticed that some of your old favorite programs have not aired on GBN for some time now.  Thanks to the various satellite studios providing convenient filming locations for speakers, some of the old popular programs will soon be airing once again.

The McMinnvile, Tennessee studio at the Central congregation will be the new taping location for Bible Round Table with Brooks Boyd. Brooks is joined by two guests in the studio to discuss various subjects in a back-and-forth manner. This program had been out of production since the closing of the Ringgold facility, but will soon begin production in the new location. Additionally, Shield of Faith will also shift their taping to the McMinnville studio. This location is closer to the speakers on the program which will increase the number of episodes recorded.

Freed-Hardeman University’s on-campus television studio will be the new recording location of David Wade’s GBN Q&A. Joining David in answering the submitted questions will be various speakers including Dr. Sam Jones and Dr. Justin Rogers. We will be adding other guests from the area to the program as well.

The new studio in Tupelo, Mississippi that is operated by the Gloster Street congregation is now recording the Dayspring program. This studio is a full HD studio and will be providing the Dayspring program to compatible local markets in high definition. We’re very excited after seeing the picture quality from the new studio.

Mark Teske, Director of Operations, Gospel Broadcasting Network


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