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How does one enter into the body, the church?  Galatians 3:27 tells us that “as many of you as were baptized into Christ have put on Christ.”  But what is baptism? Why baptism?  Is it water baptism or another type of baptism?  Do we have to have an invitation or invitations from God before we can be baptized or can we make the choice all on our own?  Is it appropriate to practice infant baptism or must one be a believer before they are baptized?

Is baptism even necessary for salvation or can we just say the sinner’s prayer and get forgiveness?

In the videos below, we seek to answer these questions not with our own opinions, but rather with book, chapter and verse from the Bible.  We teach about baptism and help you get to know who is God.

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A Free Book On Baptism From One Of Our Speakers, Cougan Collins:


Cougar Collins Free Book on BaptismWhat others have said about it:

Even though baptism is one of the fundamental building blocks of Christianity, many are confused about it. Is it necessary, or is it just an outward sign for an inward change? This book will answer this question and many more as it deals with all the major arguments and misunderstandings that people have about baptism. Is baptism essential to salvation? The Bible is very clear with an answer to that question and Collins has researched it well. This book should be especially useful in personal evangelism. I am also finding it helpful in my pulpit preaching as well as material being presented in the television program, In Search Of The Lord’s Way. I am sure God can use it to lead the lost to salvation.  ~ Mack Lyon

This book is an excellent resource guide on the subject of baptism. The author’s impeccable logic, scriptural insight, and persuasive writing style are sure to reach lost souls with the truth about baptism. With such mass confusion over the subject of baptism, this book is sure to point the reader toward God’s original design for baptism. ~ Ben Bailey

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