Gospel Broadcasting Network


Now Anyone Can Have GBN At Home on Their TV 24/7!

ROKUGBN on Roku & Roku 2 (pronounced "roh koo")

Now you can have the Gospel Broadcasting Network live 24/7 on your home television. All you need is high speed internet and a Roku box. Boxes can be purchased from www.roku.com/roku-products.

Once you get your Roku box installed, go into the Roku channel store, find the GBN channel and add it. It will then be available to watch. You will have your choice of the GBN live stream or VOD (video on demand) archive. We will be adding to the VOD section over time.

ROKUGBN on Roku (pronounced "roh koo")
Does the GBN channel cost? No. We are trying to reach people with the gospel. Our Roku channel, like everything else on GBN, is supported by free offerings of members of the church of Christ.

Roku How do I set up my Roku player?

Don Blackwell explains setting up the Roku Device

Roku Support

posted this on Aug-21 2010 17:22
Setting up a Roku player is simple. Every Roku player comes with a Getting Started guide that walks you through every step. To download a Getting Started guide now, just click on your model below.
Roku HD, new (model 2000C)
Roku XD (model 2050X)
Roku XDS (model 2100X)
Roku SD (model N1050)
Roku HD, classic (models N1000, N1100)
Roku HD (model N1101)

Roku Can I find Roku in a local retail store?
Roku Support
posted this on Jul-22 2010 17:28
Currently, new Roku players are sold directly at Roku.com, as well as in major retailers like WalMart, Best BuyRadioShack, Fry's and BJ's.